“When I see someone who is without or lacking something, my first thought is, ‘I need to pull something together for them.’”

Life changed for a 19 year old Sheryl Renee when she walked into her first thrift store. Since then, one of her life's missions is to share the message with everyday people that you can have quality of life for little or no money. A well-respected professional entertainer and recording artist, Sheryl Renee found her second-act with her redesign business Affordable Room Makeovers, which promotes earth-saving recycling and staging quality second hand home goods. Be sure to visit Sheryl’s website at www.affordableroommakeovers.com


  • How Sheryl’s childhood set her on a path of loving thrift and giving back to the community.
  • The joy of taking a thrifted item and “turning it around” and giving it new life.
  • Her thrifting adventures across the world.
  • The changing perceptions of thrift.
  • Her treasure hunting strategies for shopping thrift.
  • How thrifting is a smart, eco-savvy choice that is helping the planet.