Saturday, April 21, 2018


earth day

Did you know we receive millions of pounds of donations every year? However, not all of your generous donations sell in our stores. That’s where our recycling programs kick in. We are one of Colorado’s largest recyclers and keep thousands upon thousands of pounds of unwanted, unsaleable merchandise out of landfills.

We believe there is always more life in your donations. Therefore, if clothing, shoes, books, toys, handbags, belts, baseball caps and other items don’t sell, we bundle them up and send them to Africa, Asia, India and other countries throughout the world. What a great feeling to know that your donation could allow someone to walk far, and do it with shoes on; or to keep warm with a jacket you no longer need; to cook a meal in a pot you don’t use anymore or play with a soft toy your child has outgrown.

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