Saturday, April 21, 2018
What's In Store

Great Selection

Whats in store

It's all about selection. We know in order to be your favorite thrift store we need to make sure our stores are full of fresh, one-of-a-kind treasures and bargains. We work hard every day at each of our stores to produce the best selection in Colorado.

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We're excited about the products we sell. Each one is unique and "experienced." Our hiking boots have been to the top of the mountain. Our prom dresses have been to the big dance. Our baseball bats have hit a few home runs.


We keep track of how long our merchandise has been on the sales floor by using different colored price tags that denote when each item was put out. Most of our items sell during the first week. To make room for new arriving treasures, we remove the older items off the floor. They don't go to landfills; we ship them to Africa, Central America, and other countries where they will be appreciated and put back to use.

Save a Ton at arc

We know that you expect to save a lot of money when you shop at a thrift store. That's our job - to help you save money and get the most value for your dollar. You can save money by shopping at a lot of different discount retailers. But, when you shop at arc you also get a lot of value for your dollar spent. Where else can you get a high quality wedding dress, which has already experienced a wedding, at 20% of its original price?

Our everyday prices are great deals. But, we also have additional ways to help you save even more money.

Weekly Color Tag Discount

We discount the color tag that's been on the sales floor for 4 weeks. This color tag is 50% off starting Wednesday through the following Tuesday. After this, it's recycled.

Senior Discount day

Every Tuesday senior citizens 55 years of age, and over, save 50% on all color tags except our current and green color tags.

Saturday Discounts

Every Saturday, save 50% on all tags except our current and green color tags.

Holidays Discounts

Save 50% off all tags, except current and green color tags:

New Years Day

  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Presidents' Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving

What's in store for you

We have created an atmosphere of a large, clean, well-organized, well stocked and customer oriented place to shop. To make your shopping experience easy, fun and carefree, we have divided our stores into eleven departments for the various types of merchandise we sell.

These include:

  1. men's clothing
  2. ladies clothing
  3. children's clothing
  4. accessories
  5. shoes
  6. jewelry
  7. linens
  8. house-wares
  9. books
  10. toys
  11. furniture


How we work

In every store, every week, thousands of items are sorted, priced, recycled or placed into storage by the production team in our "back room". The amount of incoming donations changes daily, as do styles and seasons. The question usually is; what is an item worth? What price should I put on it? This decision is made over 20,000 times in every store, every week.

DSC 0189b1Once an item has passed several quality checks it becomes ready to price. We price items on colored tags which helps us identify how long each item has been on the sales floor.

Items tagged four weeks prior are on sale at 50% off for the week. This is the last chance to buy these items before they are removed from the sales floor. Items that have not sold by the end of the selling cycle are processed through our recycle program where they are exported to other countries.

We occasionally use "green" color tags that are placed on new purchased products or perhaps on unusual, vintage or collectable items. Items priced with a "green" color tag are not available for a discount.

The challenge of the production team members is to determine the value for the thousands of items they handle daily. They consider quality, condition, style, brand name, seasonality, uniqueness and rarity to determine an item's price. The majority of the items we price fall into a price range by department. It is important to remember, we have the one of a kind, unique items that you will not see anywhere else. Whether it's vintage, retro,  or weird. Our items don't run in herds, they stand alone.

While the majority of our merchandise is gently used, we also purchase some new products to sell in our stores. This includes high quality, brand new mattresses, boxes and bed frames at a very competitive price. We carry an assortment of new greeting cards along with a large selection of miscellaneous home and personal products ranging from batteries to band-aids and reading glasses to yard art. These pick-me-up items usually sell from $1 to $2.

For Halloween we purchase a huge selection of costume accessories like make-up, masks, wigs, wands, wings, and much more to complete your one-of-a-kind costume idea. You will also find fun and spooky decorating items. The "new purchase" products are what we call our "green tag" items and are not discounted.