Saturday, April 21, 2018
Mission / Ambassadors


Our arc Ambassador team members serve as examples of our Mission in action – to have people with intellectual/developmental disabilities gain self-respect, self-determination and independence in their communities and professional workplace.

You may have been greeted at a store by one of our Ambassadors, or seen one in our TV advertisements or been helped by an Ambassador who accepted your clothing donation. Our Ambassadors work throughout our organization and also assist with community outreach to raise awareness of people with development disabilities.

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David has been associated with arc Thrift since January 2006.

David’s work with arc Thrift has included positions as administrative and accounting support at the Corporate Office and retail experience at our Pecos store location. He founded the arc Ambassadors group which provides community outreach. He has worked with group members teaching them presentation skills to instill self-confidence.

He was named Employee of the Year in 2006. He is also active with the arc of Jefferson County and the Adoption Exchange. David is an effective public speaker, and represents arc at various events and presentations.

Lorraine (Lori)

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Lorraine has been greeting our customers at our JCRS store since June, 2007, inspiring her nickname, “Front Door Diva”. She is always upbeat and outgoing, and is generous in sharing her ideas and thoughts. Her cheerful manner makes her a favorite with both employees and customers.

Lorraine is a member of the arc Ambassadors, and is a competitive member of the bowling team. Her pastimes are varied - she is an avid Cincinnati Bengals fan, loves watching hockey and has also authored poetry. Lorraine has been an inspirational guest speaker at the store managers meetings and really enjoys helping customers. We are lucky to have Lorraine as a member of our team.


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Marlene is one of the Broomfield store’s favorite employees and is a constant reminder of our mission. She works in the production area, sorting and hanging clothing and in children’s books. She also likes to bag for the cashiers and talk to the customers. 

Marlene is a member of Special Olympics and loves to ski, which she does at least once a week in the winter months at both Winter Park and Copper Mountain. When there is no snow for skiing, she enjoys making latch hook rugs and key chains. Marlene loves to socialize, and enjoys going out to lunch and bowling.


juan img2

Juan works as a telemarketer in our Call Center – one of the voices of “James” you hear calling for donations. He enjoys working on the phones and it shows! His helpful attitude and bi-lingual abilities earned him a recent promotion to Customer Service Representative.

He identifies with the arc Thrift mission and strives to help people with disabilities and their families. Juan was named Employee of the Year in 2007. He is a member of the arc Ambassadors participating in community events on arc Thrift’s behalf.



Jodi joined arc Thrift over 15 years ago and currently works at our Arvada store stocking shoes. She enjoys participating as a team member, and especially likes assisting customers find items. Jodi is an active member of the arc Ambassadors, representing the company at community and business events. She was one of the first Employees of the Year in 2005.

Jodi lives with her parents, who always come to cheer her on during the arc Ambassador bowling nights!



With over 25 years of service to arc Thrift Stores, Garnons is one of our most senior, and dependable employees. He loves to bowl, and participates on the arc team and an outside league as well. Since his best score of the week is announced over the PA system at the Colfax store, customers and employees follow and congratulate him on his progress!

Garnons kind and gentle nature is always evident whether at the store, with other employees or at the community activities he participates in as an arc Ambassador.



As a member of the corporate office team in the IT department, Lisa completes data entry and administrative work. She also assists as the front desk receptionist, which she thoroughly enjoys.

After graduating from high school, Lisa attended both vocational school and community college. She is very happy and proud to be living independently in an apartment shared with her best friend.

Lisa joined arc Thrift in November, 2006 and was named Employee of the Year in 2007. 



Matt Wilson started with arc Thrift Stores in 1986. Matt is one of our longest tenured employees and loves his job. He currently works at a Men’s clothing rack runner at oldest store on Broadway in Lakewood. Matt is an active member of the arc team and often joins his friends at arc Ambassador activities. Although Matt is a quiet and soft spoken individual he has a strong personality and is a loved member of the arc Thrift Store team. Matt is huge Harry Potter Fan, he loves the books, collects the action figures and enjoys the movies!