Saturday, April 21, 2018
Mission / arc University

arc University

arc University is devoted to the enhancement of the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through promotion, enrichment, growth, recognition and exposure to learning, fellowship, challenges and new experiences.  

The University was established to fill a vital need for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities by offering an opportunity for growth and personal recognition which in turn creates the results of increased self-esteem, social interactions, acceptance and inclusion.  

Each course is 2.5 hours and includes refreshments.  Along with instructions, a pre-test and post-test are part of each session.  

Previous courses have included:
Personal Finance
Public Speaking
Theater Appreciation

Subsidized by a Daniels Fund grant, arc University is results oriented with testing to monitor comprehension and retention of course material.   

Degrees are participation based:
3-5 classes earns an Associate degree
6-8 classes earns a Bachelor's degree
9-11 classes earns a Master's degree
12 classes earns a Doctor's degree

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