“When we think about how to better out planet, we sometimes forget the impact the textile industry has.”

Emi is a Colorado native that has been immersed in the fashion world for over 10 years. Emi is the creator of her online clothing store Earthy Emi where she takes thrifted clothing and upcycles them into wearable art pieces. She loves all things art and spends most of her time curating new possibilities and ideas in her head that soon after are manifested into existence. You can follow more of her creations through her Instagram @earthyemii.


  • Young people discovery thrift.
  • Slow fashion as a conscious choice.
  • Depop and Shopify are just two of the platforms Emi sells her upcycled fashion on.
  • Stories from her visit to Thrift Con, the “Holy Grail of Thrift.”
  • Wearable art.
  • How she sources the fashion items that she then upcycles.
  • Thrifting as self-care!