“Everything I need has already been made. If we’re patient enough, we can get what we need.”

Leah Alter, owner of Foxie Vintage, splits her time between Austin, TX and Northwest Arkansas (where she is originally from). Leah is a second-generation reseller. When she was born in the late 70’s, her mother (Faye), owned a vintage clothing store called Second Time Around in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Faye would take Leah with her on picking trips and remembers being in rag houses with Leah on her back, digging through vintage clothes. Secondhand living is in her blood.

Leah has always thrifted her furniture and home décor. Every time she moved, she would discover new thrift shops to furnish her home. This happened while in college in Santa Fe, New Mexico, while living in NYC, Austin, and now in Northwest Arkansas. While she loves vintage clothing and accessories (this girl has an amazing vintage shoe collection), home décor and decorating has always been her passion.

She started Foxie Vintage started in 2021 after she realized that her collections outgrew her Austin home. She started selling at local markets and then discovered live sales on Instagram. She was hooked. She started selling more regularly on that platform while also continuing her career as a marketing executive in the financial services industry.

In the summer of 2022, she purchased a home in Arkansas to be closer to her parents. The home was built in 1961 and Leah has spent the last 6 months remodeling this quaint mid-century home with her father, Monte, who is by trade a homebuilder and contractor.

Foxie is named after Leah’s first two dogs, Roxie and Frankie, who have passed. She now has two rescue dogs, Hank and Rosa, who love to go on sourcing road trips!


  • Home décor and decorating inspired by thrifted finds.
  • Her vintage shoe collection.
  • Three generations of thrifting and vintage collecting.
  • Her sourcing road trips.
  • The quality and beauty of secondhand clothing and accessories.
  • The thrill of matching a passionate collector with a special item.
  • Why she considers herself a collector first, a reseller second.