“The podcast is all about the Wild, Wild West of thrift!”

Maggie Scivicque joined arc Thrift Stores as the marketing director in 2012 from Papa John’s Pizza of Colorado/Minnesota. As vice president of marketing for arc Thrift Store, she is responsible for the marketing efforts that help drive the success of the nonprofit. She and her team manage the social media, coordinate the television buys, and conceive and deploy the creative that supports the 31 arc Thrift Stores and 15 donation stations across the Front Range and Western Slope of Colorado. She is a strategic thinker, devoted to driving customer traffic to the stores and to increasing the transactions and sales that financially support the noble mission of arc Thrift Stores. Maggie is also the host of Get Thrifty, a fun and informative podcast that was named in the Top 20 of thrift podcasts in the U.S. She is dedicated to the arc mission and brings infectious energy and enthusiasm to the work she does.

Lisa Metzger is the PR director at Avocet Communications. She is an award-winning senior-level marketing/public relations professional and writer. She has a particularly keen eye and ear for storytelling and for knowing what’s news (and what isn’t!!). She has spent her 30+ year career cultivating relationships with local to national media and developing and managing strategic and integrated communications programs designed to build awareness, drive demand, build community, position clients as thought leaders, and to directly impact her clients’ bottom lines and business goals. With a heavy emphasis on media relations, content development, and copywriting, Lisa’s areas of specialization include social justice, civil rights, food and consumer goods, healthcare, retail, children’s and women’s issues, education, LOHAS/natural and organic industry, business-to-business and business-to-consumer product launches.


  • Arc Thrift Stores’ mission and advocacy for not only people with intellectual and developmental disabilities but for communities that are food insecure, and more.
  • The story behind the Get Thrifty Podcast.
  • The thriving thrift community in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Memorable guests and episodes: from collectors to authors to resellers to fashionistas to upcyclers, and more.
  • The generosity of podcast guests.
  • The changing thrifting customer.
  • Staying in touch with our recycling roots.
  • Sharing our love of Dolly Parton and why she is the inspiration behind the podcast.