“I love finding the thing that nobody realizes is worth money!”

Jessica is the co-owner of Storage Warrior (@storage_warrior), a reselling business based in Vancouver, Canada. She’s also host of the podcast The Business of Reselling – a podcast about scaling up your reselling business to six figures and beyond. She and her husband starting out buying at storage auctions and as the business grew, they started buying estates and large collections of comic books, toys, and all kinds of vintage and collectibles. They’re obsessed with keeping cool stuff out of the trash, and Jessica loves applying her MBA background to improving her business while helping other resellers do the same.

Jessica is a natural educator who moonlighted as a university professor and business consultant, but the opportunities in the world of reselling are where her passions truly lie and where she has the most fun! Storage Warrior was recognized as eBay Canada’s Micro Multi National Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 and again in 2020 as eBay Hall of Fame Inductees.


  • Five tips to succeed as a reseller.
  • Why processes and systems are key to keeping your reselling business running.
  • Where she focuses her sourcing today.
  • Comic books are her most popular category.
  • How to sell different categories of items.
  • Navigating conflict.
  • Her collection of Barbies!