“Don’t be afraid! Have courage, be brave, and create!!”

Thrifting and creating functional art are two of Traci’s (@traci_myers) favorite pastimes, so her passion for upcycling clothes, purses, and accessories comes very naturally. Since upcycled fashion is more of a creative, free-flowing art with no rules, Traci understands the frustration of having to teach yourself every step of the process without much guidance. After selling her items online for well over a decade, she decided to stop selling and focus on creating upcycling DIY videos, that she hopes inspire, teach, and get the creative juices flowing. Traci’s YouTube channel, tmyers handmade, has been such a blessing in her life, and the caring, creative and supportive community there, inspires her every day.


  • Inspiring people who want to “sew to sell.”
  • You don’t need a pattern or be an expert sewer.
  • How she markets her pages on social platforms, and how you can too!
  • Her upcycling tutorials.
  • Overcoming your fears of starting your reselling business.
  • Celebrating “the weird.”