“I go in thinking, I don’t know what I am going to find, but I know it’s going to be awesome!”

Jesi Josten is the owner, designer, and head seamstress at Hip Violet. When her oldest daughter Violet started eating solids, she was so frustrated with having to change her clothes after every meal despite the tiny bib she was wearing that Jesi busted out her dusty sewing machine, tried to remember all the lessons her Grandma Ginny taught her, and started making her own oversize baby bibs. Soon friends and family were requesting them, and she started her own Etsy shop in 2008. A few years later, Jesi was thrifting and snagged some vintage Strawberry Shortcake sheets when a lightbulb went off - why not make bibs out of them? They were a huge hit and she soon had an entire line devoted to items made from upcycled vintage sheets - not only baby bibs, but also can coolers, and more recently face masks too. Jesi sells her items online, at local craft shows, and at several amazing shops in Colorado. The best part she says, is that she gets to go thrifting for her job!


  • The inspiration behind her creativity.
  • Tips for selling on Etsy.
  • Her love of “creepy doll heads.”
  • Sharing her love of thrift with her young kids.
  • Craft shows and the Thrift Shop Pub Crawl.
  • Creating her “how to” videos and reels.
  • The supportive craft community.