“Whatever expectation you have, a thrift store will exceed it!”

Brett Pittman and his wife Brittney Yates run the YouTube channel, Mimsy Park. This fun twosome has a passion for thrifting, art, film, collecting, Disney animated classics, crafting, travel, and so much more. This dynamic duo believes that “two heads are usually better than one!”


  • “I could order something online. But I don’t. Part of the fun is the hunt!”
  • How Brett indulges his love of vintage Disney movies on VHS at thrift stores.
  • The nuances and standards of collecting vintage movies and the kinds of movies you can ONLY get at a thrift store.
  • Brett shares his insights and how to’s for collecting vintage movies on VHS at thrift stores.
  • How Brett started collecting movies on VHS at thrift stores.
  • Brett shares which movies he PREFERS to watch on VHS.
  • How Brett Pittman of Mimsy Park (TAG)’s love of movies sparked his love of thrifting.