“(Thrifting and collecting) is a great way to curate a home that is as unique as you are.”

Nate Smith is an Instagram live seller who specializes in Pyrex, vintage kitchen items, and more. His passion for vintage has been a lifelong endeavor, but recent events reignited his drive to share his passion with others. An educator by trade, Nate saw an opportunity to use the Instagram platform to educate his vintage-loving audience about Pyrex and now hosts a bi-monthly series, “Let’s Chat about Pyrex,” on which he not only educates about different aspects of this iconic vintage brand but also invites guests on to the show to share their favorite pieces and the details surrounding their Pyrex journeys. He takes every opportunity to spread his knowledge and his joy of his love of vintage. When you follow @myvintageis1976 you are welcomed into the world of dear friends, Pyrex, a little education, and a lot of vintage fun!


  • The sub-culture of Pyrex lovers.
  • The history of the brand.
  • Rare, one-of-a-kind, and hard-to-find pieces.
  • How he began his vintage collection of Pyrex.
  • Reselling tips.
  • Tips for stacking Pyrex.