“There is a place for a piece of vintage in every room.”

Willow Wright (@urbanredeux) is the owner of Urban Redeux, an enchanting antique and vintage home decor shop nestled in the heart of the DC Metro area. Willow is not only the owner and shopkeep of this thriving establishment but also a curator, photographer, and a true jack-of-all-trades.

Her journey into the world of antique and vintage treasures began when she arrived in Alexandria in 2002, young and eager to set up a home, but constrained by a tight budget. In her quest to find home decor pieces that reflected her unique taste without breaking the bank, she discovered a true passion for hunting hidden gems at estate sales and auctions. With each discovery, Willow honed her craft and developed a keen eye for spotting exceptional items with stories to tell.


  • How her shop is the manifestation of the kind of thrift shop she always wanted to shop in.
  • Creating a sense of belonging in her store.
  • How she sources and chooses the items she sells in her store.
  • The stories behind the exceptional items she sells.
  • Shopping estate sales and online auctions.
  • Fall and Halloween thrifty trends.
  • The treasures she has seen from all over the world.