“It’s never too late to start something new and follow your passion.”

Blueberry Cove is an online vintage store based out of Toronto Canada, owned and operated full-time by Heather Mordue. At Blueberry Cove, the focus is curating an assortment of vintage wares perfect for furnishing a space or growing a collection. Raised on a farm in rural Ontario, Heather was always surrounded by antiques and vintage. Attending auctions, yard sales, and thrifting from a young age shaped her love of rehoming and repurposing decor.


  • Advice for resellers just starting out.
  • Learning and growing on the job.
  • Live sales vs. static sales.
  • Why communication is so important when you are selling online.
  • Make the rules of your sales very clear from the outset.
  • Researching and how to determine if you have a truly collectible item.
  • Thrifting in Canada.
  • Good karma and the ethics of sustainability and thrifting.