“I just want to keep (my thrifted Halloween) décor up all year round!!”

Valerie of astitchinlife specializes in designing upcycled women’s and kids’ fashions, homemade toys, and home decor. Her work is one-of-a-kind and vintage-inspired. She has worked as a costume designer in the theater with famed designer Bob Mackie, and even designed costumes for aerial performers, circus performers, roller derby teams, and orchestra musicians! And, recently, she was a contestant on The Next Top Upcycler, a worldwide virtual upcycle fashion competition showcasing the talents of people like Valerie who love to turn old garments into new designs!


  • She tells us all about her wild experience as a contestant on the YouTube show, Next Top Upcycler!!!
  • The surprising amount of creativity involved with upcycling.
  • Halloween costume ideas and inspiration…for adults AND kids!
  • Ideas for costume buildouts that are fun, creative, and unusual!!
  • Spooky ideas for Halloween home décor.
  • The inside scoop on collecting vintage clothes, toys, and dolls.