“Thrifting is like a box of chocolates! The variety (you can find) at thrift stores amazes me!”

As a vintage dealer and collector, Mindy is always looking for the beauty in so unexpected things. From chippy old windowpanes and vintage rhinestone jewelry to antique dolls, she believes in what speaks to the heart, awakens our memories, preserves the past, and celebrates nature. She hunts, gathers, creates, and collects and says that is it the details that “make junk wonderful!” Mindy resells most of her thrift finds at vintage markets and she is currently in a shop in Loveland, CO. She collects many things including vintage Barbie and antique dolls. Vintage Halloween and Christmas also top her list of things she is always on the hunt to find.


  • Her passion for collecting vintage Barbie dolls and vintage Halloween items.
  • All about Junk Jaunts.
  • Holiday markets.
  • Her love of color for her home décor.
  • Home décor trends.
  • Antiquing vs. thrifting.