“I love putting weird and wacky things together and express myself!”

Growing up, Rochelle became a vintage lover through her grandpa who was a journalist in Detroit and would interview all Hollywood stars, such as Sonny and Cher, Elvis, Bobby Darin, Tony Bennet, Lawrence Welk, and more! She grew up hearing all the stories and craved to go back in time and relive all of them! Rochelle’s mom started taking her antique shopping when she was just a young kid. Finding all the treasures and learning about them gave her such excitement. While learning about vintage items, she discovered that my uncle was the well-known abstract expressionist artist, Gerome Kamrowski.

Rochelle was enamored by his work and discovered that her unique self craved to create and follow in his footsteps. She was a professional ballet dancer for 10 years and when the pandemic hit, she was hired to paint murals in homes to make up for not being employed during that time. She discovered people liked her art and she enjoyed what she was doing, so she decided to bring her two loves together: vintage and art. She now creates and sells one-of-a-kind pieces from what she calls the “rejects” at thrift stores.


  • Her love of 1950s style.
  • How she has built her reselling business and made it her career.
  • Her entire home is in thrifted in vintage furniture and décor.
  • Every room in her home is themed, thrifted, and inspired by different decades and Disney!
  • What to look for and how she assesses the value of the vintage items she has.
  • Creating pieces of art from “rejects” she finds in thrift stores.