“I want people to connect with an item before I restore it.”

Stephanie, aka Hobby Bobbins, has an online vintage clothing shop that ethically curates, lovingly restores, and sells second-hand clothing. She is a passionate advocate for sustainability and ethical shopping, and she believes that everyone should have access to affordable, well-made clothing.

Stephanie has been restoring vintage clothing since she was a child. She learned how to restore and mend clothing from her great grandmother, who was a master seamstress. Stephanie loves the challenge of restoring vintage clothing, and she takes great pride in her work. She believes that restoring vintage clothing is a way to preserve history and to give clothes a second chance. She takes this mission one step further by sharing stories from followers who donate their wedding gowns to be restored and educates her followers on how to restore their own clothing at home.

Hobby Bobbins' vintage wedding dress restorations are some of her most popular services. She has restored wedding dresses from the 1910s - 1990s. Stephanie's restorations are always careful and respectful of the original fabric and design of the dresses. She takes the time to learn the history of each dress, so that she can share that information with her followers.

Stephanie is a talented storyteller and a passionate advocate for sustainability, affordability and creating connections that help close generational gaps. Her vintage wedding dress restorations are a beautiful and skillful way to preserve history and to give vintage items a much deserved second chance.


  • How her childhood growing up sewing turned into her love of restoring vintage clothing today.
  • Thrifting through the generations.
  • Her epic story about finding the first wedding dress she restored.
  • History and art: How she restores vintage wedding dresses.
  • The research she does before she begins restoring any of her dresses.
  • The distinction between upcycling and restoring.