“I ask myself, ‘Can I envision five ways I can wear this?’ before I leave the store with (an item).”

Robin is the inspiration behind the Instagram page, @franniepantz. A lover of fashion and of thrift, Robin has always had an enthusiasm for dressing up. But she is also passionate about the environmental and mental impact of shopping. Last year, in fact, she committed herself to the “nothing new” movement and did not buy a single new item of clothing for the entirety of 2019. As a mother of four and a professional in the legal field, she prefers to navigate the thrift stores for both basics that can be remixed for a professional wardrobe and trendy pieces that add an element of personality to her outfits.


  • Learn how this mom of four went an entire year without buying a single new item of clothing!!!
  • Shares her method for deciding what clothes to keep and what to donate.
  • How a truly secondhand lifestyle includes embracing a thrifty mindset.