“Thrifting is fun, shopping secondhand is a blast, and that’s what we’re trying to put at the forefront!”

Tim Morrison (@estatesalesnet) is the Social Media Manager at EstateSales.NET. He has a huge passion for anything secondhand, a passion that began when he was young and went to trade fairs and auctions with his grandfather. Time has been with EstateSales.NET for seven years and spends most of his time traveling to meet with estate sale companies and shooting content for our social channels.


  • How he encourages pageviews to EstateSales.net and its social channels.
  • Tips for online engagement.
  • Making thrifting and shopping secondhand a fun adventure.
  • How he comes up with new content and contest ideas while traveling the country.
  • What happens to the items that don’t sell at an estate sale.
  • Secondhand, sustainability, and thrifting is COOL!
  • How to turn your secondhand dreams into your own business.