“We are drawn to thing that have meaning and good energy.”

Shopkeepers and sister-in-laws, Rachel Petruccelli and Rosina Aguiar (@shop_heirloom_), opened Heirloom in October 2023. They wanted to provide the town of Darnestown, Maryland, where Rosina grew up and Rachel resides, a charming place to shop for antiques, vintage furniture, and curated unique finds for home and lifestyle. Rachel was formally the regional manager for Lululemon and has four children, and Rosina is registered nurse who is the mom of six children. Together they bring their love of giving old pieces new life by styling them in a modern way!


  • The art of thrifting (and how they do it differently).
  • The choice to pivot to a brick and mortar (when many think brick and mortar is dead).
  • The circle of life when it comes to “things” and some unique stories upon opening their store.
  • The power of social media.
  • What it’s like working with family.
  • It only took 51 days to open their store.