“Thrifted gifts actually mean something, versus just going to ‘whatever.com.’”

In 2012, Maggie Naffziger had just finished two terms with AmeriCorpsNCCC and starting a nonprofit. She was between jobs, between goals, and technically between housing. She didn't know what she wanted, but she knew she wanted to live a creative life. So, Maggie began slowly selling art projects online. She dreamed up what is known as the Boyfriend Skirt. After moving and gaining a little confidence, inventory, and experience, Maggie began doing local markets in North Carolina. In 2016, she quit her job and became a full-time creative.

She was excited (and terrified)! But with a background in nonprofit work throughout most of her 20s, she knew there was always a void of funding and knew her company could help. While Maggie is not an educator, she values her education very much. So, she decided that 5% of each sale would go toward U.S. classrooms and as of 2018, her company has had an impact on over 5,700 students.


  • Maggie has been keeping grandpa’s hand-me-downs cool since 2016!
  • The origin of her creation, the “Boyfriend Skirt.”
  • Sustainable gifts and ethical fashion.
  • When Maggie repurposes a garment, she uses as many pieces of the fabric as possible.
  • Celebrating a creative life!
  • Why she gives back to educational causes.
  • Paying it forward with repurposing.
  • Advise to makers, especially, “Never create anything you don’t like.”