“It’s more fun than fact! It’s a little zany, a little cringy, but it’s always fun!”

Joe and Nicole Colbenson (@id_flip_that.mn) are a husband-and-wife duo who host “The Reseller Showdown,” a livestream game show on their YouTube channel. This exciting game show is made specifically for resellers, by resellers, starring resellers. Joe and Nicole believe that fun and play are an integral part of being successful entrepreneurs.

Joe and Nicole have been reselling for many years and love to use their passion for fun to create entertaining content on their YouTube and Instagram accounts. They recently started a Facebook group for local Minnesota resellers. They enjoy hosting reseller events and love spending time sharing their reselling knowledge with others


  • How they got into to reseller biz and started The Reseller Showdown game show.
  • The time they visited 60 garage sales in two days!
  • Bin shopping.
  • Navigating reseller meet ups.
  • Advice for starting your reselling business.
  • Pros and cons of sourcing with your spouse.