“I think so much of the lived lives of the secondhand clothes I find. I get lost in the romance of it.”

Kate, of @readwritethrift, started in the spring of 2019 as a project to document thrift store finds. In the years since, this platform has become a place for Kate to explore personal style, mindful consumption, and a positive relationship to clothing. Kate is a full-time PhD candidate in history, a co-parent to a chunky rescue cat named Nora, and a part time blogger. She lives in Toronto, Canada, and is driven by finding and sharing ways to get dressed and consume fashion in mindful, harm-reducing ways - putting people and the environment at the forefront of thinking about fashion! Kate likes her clothing slow, thrifted, and thoughtful. There is no perfect way to consume fashion and no single way to define thoughtful consumption.


  • Mindful consumption and thoughtful, slow fashion.
  • The stories behind her most priced treasures.
  • The Canadian thrifting and reselling scene.
  • The rise in thrifting content on social media.
  • The purpose of thrifting and benefits of reselling.
  • Community building with the 75 Hard Style Challenge.
  • Her PhD dissertation on lighthouses.