“You can dress like a million bucks on a dime.”

Trish believes in living beautifully over 40 and that together we can inspire each other by sharing beauty, fashion, and motivational tips! With a fast growing following of 40K on TikTok and over 7 million views, Trish has made a significant impact on social media. Her dedication to spreading positivity earned her a spot as a top 40 finalist for the 2024 Cheer Choice Awards in positivity in social media. It's no surprise that some of her most viewed content revolves around her thrift shop adventures teaching viewers they don’t have to have a million buck to dress like they do!


  • Spreading positivity.
  • Fashion on a budget.
  • How she gained her following on social media.
  • Making a career out of being on social media.
  • Turning insecurities into strengths.
  • Her commitment to creating inspiring content.
  • Her thrifting road trips.