“I have a very discerning rule book.”

Kaitlyn Coffee is a multidisciplinary creative specializing in brand development for small business owners and entrepreneurs. She previously worked in the agency world as a designer and art director for 10+ years and founded Kaitlyn Coffee Creative in 2020 as a business designed to provide creative solutions that attract a client’s ideal audience. Kaitlyn is a lifelong aesthete with a deep interest in all things design: graphics, interiors, textiles, and fine art. Kaitlyn Coffee Creative is a place for those interests to be explored. Kaitlyn is currently living and working in Dallas, Texas with her husband and two young sons.


  • Bringing her artistic and aesthetic vision to life.
  • Why she changes her home décor regularly.
  • Her favorite aesthetic.
  • Her love of handmade décor and folk and outsider art.
  • How she art directs her house.
  • Her curated gallery walls made with all vintage items.