“You want to do something crazy? Do it! Be an individual and be sustainable.”

Zack is the magic behind After Always, and an upcycler who has gone viral for transforming blankets and towels into everyday statement pieces or sets.

His goal is to empower others to practice sustainability in their wardrobe. The After Always Apparel TikTok consistently depicts Zack transforming thrifted fabrics – including blankets, sheets, curtains and other textiles – into comfortable, wearable art.

His TikTok tutorials mirror the way he first entered the world of design: after teaching himself how to sew via YouTube, Zack felt drawn to empowering others to do the same.

For his first ever DFW fall ‘23 collection, Zack was inspired by fall and winter fashion and the innate comfort of dressing in these seasons. He buys his fabrics from secondhand stores and wants the fabric to be the main focal point of is designs.

“All of my pieces are cozy and warm. Instead of making stiff, one-time-wear pieces, I’ve always focused on realistic fashion,” he said. “This collection, I focused on that idea paired with letting the thrifted fabric do the talking.”


  • Spreading the mission of Slow Fashion.
  • Empowering others to practice a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Defining “realistic” and functional fashion.
  • Designing fashion with thrifted fabric that is comfortable and seasonal.
  • Celebrating color, unique fabrics, and the unusual.
  • Participating in Denver Fashion Week and bringing his fashion to the runway.
  • How he grew his presence on TikTok and engages with his thousands of followers.
  • His dream of creating fashion for stars like Post Malone.