“I want to teach people to appreciate and see the potential in items they find in thrift stores.”

Freelance creative, thrift addict, and lip gloss connoisseur. Gavrielle (@gavriellefigueiredo) is a true thrifter at heart! When she was 12 years old, her father introduced her to thrifting. At the time Gavrielle knew it as a place to find high-end, quality clothing pieces someone had donated, because they did not have the money to purchase a brand-new North Face jacket or Ugg Boots.

As she went more and more, she found herself not being drawn to the jackets and shoes that I saw her friends at school wearing, but instead, she became fascinated with the unique, the one-of-a-kind clothing pieces that spoke volumes about history and individuality. As a creative, thrifting became an outlet of expression other than art, she could now express her own personality through clothing that looked one of a kind. As she has gotten older and moved into her own space, she then became drawn to the home decor section of the thrift store, allowing her to express herself and make her home feel more personable than simply purchasing something from Target or HomeGoods.

Through the years of living in her own home, Gavrielle has cultivated an eye for seeing potential and a knack for repurposing. It's this unique perspective that has resonated with a growing audience on social media, as she shares inventive ways to breathe new life into thrifted finds, seamlessly blending them with even simple Target-bought goods. Through her online platform, she strives to inspire others to embrace the art of thrifting, not only as a sustainable choice but as a means of infusing their homes with character and soul.


  • The perks of owning something of quality that will last a long time.
  • Her vintage bag collection.
  • Repurposing and bringing new life to thrifted finds.
  • Training your thrifting eye.
  • Blending new items with thrifted items.
  • Shopping secondhand as creative self-expression.
  • Treasuring hunting.
  • Tips for infusing your home with character and soul.