“Through old toys I’ve met people from all walks of life, from all over the world.”

Cole comes from three generations of family who loved and restored antiques and vintage items. His parents both owned antique stores that he practically grew up in. He developed a love for vintage clothing and toys, and especially loves the story and history that comes with each toy…he doesn’t mind the wear and tear because it means it was once loved.

The more Cole bought tattered toys the more he wanted to give them new life. He took some time to research toy restoration and began combining proven techniques with his own creativity. Cole has restored vintage plush, robber face, dolls, Barbies, and more!

Inspired by old toys Cole then started sculpting dolls. He sculpts dolls that reflect different eras; Victorian is his favorite. Not only does he sculpt the head and body of the doll, but he creates unique hair designs and fantastic costumes. Each doll is truly one of a kind!

His love for all things kitsch, MCM, and dolls has given Cole the opportunity to spend each day doing what he loves. The vintage reselling community is like a family. They encourage and support one another. And he invites others to join him on his journey with videos and live sales on various social media platforms. Cole is living the Kitschy Flower dream!


  • His restoration process.
  • Bringing toys back to life.
  • His love of vintage Rushton and Kamar dolls, Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and trolls from the 1960s!
  • His custom-made, hand-sculpted dolls.
  • Tips for selling collectibles at a booth in an antique mall.
  • His approach to live sales and selling on Etsy and WhatNot.