Blog by guest blogger Lindsay Burke

When you start to decorate your Thanksgiving table filled with the family china and crisply folded napkins, don't forget that table needs some depth! How do you get depth? A fun riser can provide new height and yummy textures which allows those eyes to travel all over that gorgeous setup. You don't need brand new either! Arc Thrift Stores has a whole wood section stuffed with lots of different shapes and sizes.
I found these circle wood pieces that were all sticky, gross, and broken, but I knew the bones were to Shine!

I cleaned the wood/caning with a good degreaser (Krud Kutter or just a simple Dawn and warm water mixture will do the trick), lightly sanded with 60-grit sandpaper to remove the existing stain and get the color of wood I desired.

Except when I started sanding...wouldn't ya know..not real wood! So off to plan B! Since I had two round pieces I thought why not try two different looks! I painted one white and one black. 

Then I let them dry and lightly sanded revealing some of the caning color to pop through. Then I found six old wood knobs for furniture and spray-painted them! I glued the knobs on the bottom of the board and the, Voila! 

Looks straight from the aisles of Target but with that arc Thrift price! These risers are also great for day-to-day use! 

They can hold your soaps and lotions near your sink or as a stand for that delicious-smelling fall candle! Having a party and need that extra touch? A riser gives just the right touch! So many uses all year round!