“Come with your grandmother, your daughter, your dog…all of you will find something (at an Old School Cool market event)!”

Old School Cool is a free, inclusive, and style-diverse vintage marketplace in Denver, Colorado. Founders Lexi and Emma support vintage-based local businesses, encourage sustainability through second-hand shopping, and empower everyone to find and celebrate their unique style. Old School Cool’s goal is to inspire consumption reduction by encouraging our community to consider vintage items, thrift, secondhand, and reusing or upcycling before buying new.


  • Old School Cool has three markets throughout the year and several pop-up shops.
  • How shopping for vintage should be an event. 
  • Old School Cool provides a brick-and-mortar experience for vintage collectors.
  • How vintage is becoming more popular with millennials and Gen Xers.
  • Advice on how to shop vintage.