“Thrifting is a pride thing! Thrifting makes you clever!”

This fashion trendsetter is a full-time thrifter and mom, a reseller, and a lover all of things secondhand. The love of a great find, at a great price, came to Amanda early as she grew up shopping with her mom at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores. She also loves sharing her passion for thrifting with others and bringing them alongside her thrift adventures on her Instagram page @__curatedgoods__


  • How young people are discovering thrift.
  • The joy and pride of thrifting and how finding one-of-a-kind treasures allows you to express yourself.
  • The advantages of reselling on Instagram versus other platforms.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit behind reselling thrift.
  • What Amanda looks for when she goes to a thrift store.
  • Why having a purpose and a plan is important when setting out on a day of thrifting.