“Having a few things you can’t resell is your reseller’s tuition; it’s not an ‘oopsie’ if you’re learning something from it.”

After getting married in 2016, Diana (@death_pile_diva) and her husband moved cross country from the Bronx to colorful Colorado. She taught ESL at the high school level for a total of seven years before deciding to resign and become self-employed. Now Diana is a full-time reseller but still fulfills her teacher side by educating the reseller community on how to source smarter and free themselves from mountains of unlisted inventory.


  • How she helps resellers hone their sourcing and management their inventory.
  • The difference between a “death pile” and a “money pile.”
  • Tips for digging out of your piles of inventory.
  • How to make smart decisions when thrifting as a reseller so you don’t end up with a ton of inventory that you aren’t listing.
  • Her self-employed mentality and how she inspires others to follow their dreams.
  • Her reselling business focused on “work-to-weekend” fashion.