“Thrifting has a thrill of adrenaline.”

Camilla and Khang are thrifters and resellers pursuing financial independence located in Houston, Texas! They have been lifelong thrifters but started reselling online three years ago. They both resell part time with a focus on selling primarily women's clothing, some men's clothing, and their most fun category - quilts! Their goal is to educate the reselling community about financial independence, and most recently, the importance of preserving quilts!

More about the FI/RE movement:

FI/RE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. It's a social movement that often focuses on intentional living around saving, investing, and using money that allows people to live fulfilling lives, while also pursuing early retirement.

While retiring early sounds great, the focus really is pursuing financial independence since not everyone wants to retire early. It's about having OPTIONS to retire early rather than actually quitting work to sit on a beach in your 40's. It's about encouraging people to look at their personal finances and maximize the use of money in a way that helps them live a full life that they enjoy throughout the journey and into retirement. Whether you make a modest income or something more substantial, the movement encourages people to seek a brighter financial future for themselves in a way that is purposeful and personal to them. After all, personal finance is PERSONAL!


  • All about the FI/RE – Financial Independence, Retire Early – movement.
  • How this young couple is working toward their financial independence by reselling.
  • Advice to others looking for freedom, flexibility, and financial independence by reselling.
  • Embracing a mindset and lifestyle of gratitude.
  • Creating your reselling brand on other platforms besides Instagram.
  • Their specialty: vintage quilts!
  • How they source at outlet stores, estate sales, and more!