“Secondhand gifts are a love language because they are unique and special.”

Madeline is no stranger to the thrifting world, she grew up scoping estate sales with her mom and hunting down garage sales with her dad, she learned that secondhand is best from a young age. Madeline began her thrifting career in college, she would scour roadside trash (from big trash pickup days) in her hometown of Norman, Oklahoma. She would find the best furniture pieces, repurpose them with paint and some TLC and use them to furnish her apartments and rent houses in college. She’d also repurpose furniture to earn some extra cash. Upon moving to Colorado in October of 2020, she began collecting items she found at arc Thrift Stores for her future home here and realized just how much she loves to share her love for vintage, so she opened her own Instagram shop to do just that! Madeline sells her vintage home decor and mid-century modern kitchen finds on Instagram and Etsy.


  • How she curates her Etsy and Instagram businesses.
  • Tips for growing your reselling business.
  • Navigating the different audiences on her Etsy and Instagram pages.
  • Showing off her “STARS” and reviews on her pages to earn credibility.
  • Normalizing thrifted and secondhand items as gifts.
  • Her love of colorful vintage glassware.