“Thrifting is a fun challenge and it’s always worth it!”

Kennedy is 23 years old and currently living in Denver, Colorado. She grew up in southern Indiana and went to college at Indiana University prior to moving to Colorado for grad school to pursue my master’s in Social Work. She currently works as a school social worker at the elementary level. When she’s not working, Kennedy loves spending time with her family including my fiancé, sister, and mom who are also out here in Denver with her! They all love spending time with their English bulldog, Frankie, and getting to enjoy all the fun parts of watching her grow. She loves thrifting, crafting, hiking, traveling, baking, going to concerts and events, and watching movies and TV shows in my free time. Since moving to Denver, thrifting has become a huge part of not only her life but also her family’s lives as they thrift most of the items for their household from arc Thrift Stores. It’s become such a fun passion for all of them and is also something that brings them all closer!


  • Don’t get deterred when you are thrifting; the hunt is the fun part!
  • The rewards of thrifting and slow fashion.
  • Thrifting is good for the soul!
  • Staying on-trend while thrifting.
  • Her fun and trendy style hauls!
  • Her favorite reselling platforms.