Adam has worked at arc for about eight years now, working in the stores, floating around the office, and recording for arc radio commercials. Adam has loved working for arc all these years, but he keeps himself very busy on the days he’s not working. He loves watching TV, going for walks with friends, and working out in his “workout room.”

He also spends a lot of his time working with law enforcement. Once a week he works at the local COP shop where people can come report crimes and even get fingerprinting done. His favorite part about the COP shop is all of the law enforcement patches that he collects. His favorite patch of all time is the patch from the Arapahoe Police Department. Adam has also been bringing cookies and treats to the front line officers around Colorado.

Although he loves working, and donating cookies to the officers, his favorite police activity is to go on ride-alongs with his cop friends. He spends about four to eight hours with the cop, driving around different neighborhoods and seeing all of the activity along the way.

Adam also occupies his time on with disabilities groups, going on different adventures. Some of his past adventures have been to the 16th Street Mall and to Winter Park a few years back to ski. Adam also loves spending time with his family and his twin brother Jared.

Adam’s activities keep him very busy, but he still prioritizes his time with arc. He is a valued employee who has done amazing work over his eight years. His hard work does not go unnoticed. He has received the Hero of the Year Award, presented at the annual gala in recognition of his dedication to the stores and his customers. When he is not receiving awards at the gala, he is walking the runway as a model in the fashion show.

Adam is an amazing ambassador with a passion for arc, the police force, and his family.