Gerta and Mark have years of merchandising experience between them. Over the years this dynamic duo have become experts in purchasing new Halloween product for our arc Halloween shops. Buying for 28 stores can be a big challenge but Gerta and Mark have it all wired. Each year they visit Orlando and New Orleans, host cities of the two largest Halloween shows in the country. They rely on past store sales, their instinct, and the Halloween spirit to purchase the most trendy and unique costumes – for men, women, kids, and yes, even pets – on the market.

The best thing about costumes at arc is that you can mix the old with the new. Take a used dress from our ladies department and add brand new fairy wings and a wig to create a picture perfect magical sprite. Purchase gently used jeans and a t-shirt and become a zombie with the addition of new makeup, fake blood, and a new hat. Blending the gently loved items you can find at arc with the brand new Halloween accessories, makeup, and wigs that we sell during the season is a recipe for a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume sure to fright and delight!

Gerta and Mark truly make Halloween a unique and special shopping experience. Learn more this September by visiting your local arc Thrift Stores to build your very own Halloween masterpiece.